The GPPE, Ltd. Team

One of GPPE’s greatest competitive advantages is the GPPE, Ltd. team that has been assembled, along with access to all aspects of industry experts.

The experience, education, and firsthand knowledge of the Global Pork Production Enterprises’ team is unparalleled in the global protein production market.

The objectives of extraordinary service in livestock management, consulting, and project development can only be met by a highly trained and experienced staff. With the staff being among the most highly qualified in the industry, we feel that we can meet the demands of international protein market development today as well as into the future.

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Jeff Galle, Ph.D. – President, Global Pork Production Enterprises, Ltd.

Bret Barry, M.S., M.B.A. – International Marketing Consultant

Shawn O’Brien — Director of Production

Luke Niekamp, M.B.A. — Artificial Insemination / Boar Stud & Semen Transfer Manager

Sang Teerath — Poultry Specialist

Prany Sananikone — Education and Training Consultant

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