Production & Management

Production facilities utilize state-of-the-art, high animal health, production facilities, with protected observation areas, classrooms, office areas and with a high emphasis on bio-security.

The facilities incorporate the best practices and techniques available in order to increase agricultural productivity, quality and heightened animal health.

Increased agricultural productivity, quality, and heightened animal health, along with strategic research help create a competitive advantage for farmers and producers.

Increased protein production and emphasizing quality allows for a consistently safe protein product that is highly accessible and available, more affordable, and provides an enhanced profit enterprise for the farmer and the rural community.

GPPE, Ltd. has extensive experience developing Swine, Poultry, Dairy, and Beef management facilities. Very often the process uses the construction phase of these projects to select motivated, highly qualified local individuals to train for employment within the production facility.

GPPE, Ltd. strives to create more efficient production and management systems that are tailored to the specific region, climate needs and environments in which they are located.

Given our staff’s education and experience in setting up, operating and teaching others to operate production systems, GPPE, Ltd. offers a unique approach that pays dividends well beyond the time during which training is provided.

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