Human Capital Development

Our team has extensive experiences working in production and training facilities throughout the world. Further, we realize the full value of true leadership development of the people involved.

From these experiences we are able to assist you in developing your most important asset — your human capital. Growing people in every dimension is at the heart of our approach to rural development and livestock production.

Both real-world experiences and academic studies have shown that a well-educated and well-trained agricultural workforce can produce more and higher-quality agricultural products than an uneducated and untrained workforce.

By utilizing animal science and agronomy research facilities to provide training in the latest, science proven agronomic and animal production techniques, GPPE, Ltd. can insure that your personnel are up-to-date on region-specific knowledge as well as broad agricultural trends and processes.

GPPE’s goal is that graduates of specific programs have the tools necessary to become a successful entrepreneur in the agricultural sector, or be a highly desired employee for agricultural entrepreneurial companies.

This in turn has a multiplier effect throughout a community, district, region and nation. Once trained personnel are available, their knowledge can result in higher productivity on existing farms.

Fortified with the education and training they’ve received, graduates often start farms or agricultural businesses of their own. By their example they also encourage other farmers and potential farmers to study best management practices and apply these to their own operations.

GPPE’s staff will train your personnel on-site in your country, or your personnel may travel to the United States and train in GPPE’s state-of-the-art facilities. Outstanding teachers and faculty with years of successful experience provide the backbone to success for student learning. Nothing is better than bringing the real world to the classroom.

GPPE, Ltd. offers Human Capital development services to help employers optimize their existing and future workforce . GPPE, Ltd. looks to achieve workforce optimization by increasing the employee’s overall job satisfaction and performance, through on the job development of skills, knowledge, training, and experience, which will provide a competitive advantage in the marketplace to the employer.

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